Supplier On-Boarding

Electronically Enabling All Suppliers On The Business Network

To get the most out of your investment in The Business Network and maximize spend under management, we know how critical it is to have all your suppliers electronically enabled on the network.  More suppliers on board means more spend under management and fewer productivity setbacks like manual data entry and blocked invoices.

Our supplier on-boarding programs follow a proven process to help you achieve all that.

We are so confident in our process that we guarantee the enablement of 100% of your preferred suppliers with our managed supplier on-boarding service.

Supplier on-boarding consists of three phases:

  • Analysis: looking at your current situation, suppliers and objectives to establish the plan and the supplier-enablement guarantee
  • Enablement: bringing suppliers on board through self-service or via Hubwoo’s managed on-boarding service
  • Management: ongoing enablement and monitoring of supplier connectivity

For buyers, Hubwoo’s supplier on-boarding services are the key to realizing the full potential of The Business Network. Our expert enablement teams make sure the supplier on-boarding process unfolds on time and according to plan, meeting all your adoption goals.

For suppliers, there are many benefits to doing business with your buyers over The Business Network, from increasing your repeat sales to lowering invoice payment times. Hubwoo is committed to making sure that the transition is a smooth one for your organization, helping you manage change with our supplier support and training services.

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