Services Procurement

Ordering and Approving Services Has Never Been Easier

The procurement of services comes with unique challenges. It is not always possible to know the quantity or even type of work to be done at the time that a requisition for services is created. Hubwoo is unique in offering a solution that makes it easy to procure services while still controlling your spend and paying contracted rates.

Service procurement is built in to The Business Network, and includes the following features:

  • Searchable service catalogs, pre-populated with contracted rates
  • Support for the requisition of planned and unplanned services, and mixed orders that include both goods and services
  • Electronic presentment of service entry sheets with buyer-specified limits and customized approval workflows
  • Service invoice management

For buyers, Hubwoo takes the uncertainty and guesswork out of ordering and approving services, giving you complete control over what suppliers invoice.  Conditional rules also offer flexibility to specify which service entry items suppliers can edit for a given order type.

For suppliers, The Business Network allows you to present pre-approved service and pricing information in a format that makes it easy for requisitioners to buy from you. The process of responding to service orders is simple and efficient, and with 100% electronic presentment of service entry sheets, errors are almost entirely eliminated. That means fewer blocked invoices and fewer issues to resolve, saving you time and helping you get paid faster.

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