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The procurement of services, in particular complex field services, comes with unique challenges. It is not always possible to know the quantity or even type of work to be done at the time that a purchase for services is created. Hubwoo’s Services Procurement solution makes it easy for operators to purchase field services while still controlling their spend and paying contracted rates. The automated collaboration between contract data, service entry sheets and invoices ensures less manual work and reduce the Days Payment/Sales Outstanding.


Why Hubwoo Services Procurement?

✔ Greater visibility and control

✔ Reduced Days Payment Outstanding

✔ Increased efficiency and savings



Hubwoo’s Services Procurement solution includes the following capabilities:

  • Searchable service catalogs, pre-populated with contracted rates

  • Support for the purchase of planned and unplanned services, and mixed orders that include both goods and services

  • Electronic presentment of service entry sheets with buyer-specied limits and customized approval workows

  • Service invoice management

  • Visibility and audit trail of services purchases

Common Challenges:

  • At the time of ordering, the final scope of the service is unknown and therefore just a limit order can be created
    • Details are specified by supplier in field tickets later on
  • Highly manual, time consuming process to receive and process invoices
    • Painful invoice and contract matching
    • Invoice approvals often take weeks
    • Unclear status of invoices leads to much chasing from AP and/or supplier
  • Payment delays beyond payment terms
    • Harms the business relationship
    • Buyer is likely to incur additional late payment penalties

Why Hubwoo Services Procurement?

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What you get with Hubwoo’s End-to-End Services Procurement Solution


Generate Services Requests and Orders based on

  • Catalogs representing service contracts
  • Smart Forms to specify the request 
  • Get quotes using Quick Quote with pre-defined suppliers and forms
  • ERP contract service call off

Provide matching Invoice

  • Only approved Service Entry Sheets can be flipped into an Invoice
  •  Auto generation of Invoice can be enabled by supplier
  • Validation of Invoices from integrated suppliers against approved Service Entry Sheets


Receive Orders and generate Service Entry Sheets

  • Receive various order types with enforced workow
  • Generate Service Entry Sheet based on contract data
  • Receive status and correct Field Tickets

Invoice and Payment

  • 100% Invoice match simplies AP process
  • Supports ERS Self Billing Invoice
  • Supports payment information
  • Invoice and payment status information to suppliers

Validate Service Entry Sheets (Match & Approve)

  • Compare Service Entry Sheet items against contract
  • Check requested amounts against open order amount
  • Approval on mismatches manually or automatic rejection
  • Enrichment of Service Entry data based on catalogs
  • Status update to supplier