Master Data Exchange

Connecting The Cloud With Your On-Premise Solutions

Master Data Exchange is a feature of The Business Network, Hubwoo’s open colaborative and transactional business platform.

Master Data Exchange ensures that supplier records, user records, contracts, catalog data, accounting information, budgets, and workflows are always up-to-date, approved and available for use.

With Master Data Exchange, buyers and suppliers collaborate to ensure the integrity of data flowing between: the buyer’s systems, The Business Network, and source-to-pay applications. Together with you, we work to define:

  • Which system will be the master repository for each data type
  • Who is allowed to update which specific records
  • Which information is allowed to be updated in which systems

Master Data Exchange includes Supplier Master Sync, which allows for collaboration between your ERP and supplier profile data; and Item Master Sync, which allows for easier maintenance of item master records for products and services updated by suppliers through The Business Network.

Master Data Exchange For Buyers

Master Data Exchange reduces the burden of manually populating, validating and updating supplier data.  With The Business Network, suppliers maintain their own profile specific to your organization, and you set the rules as to what information they can change. You can also use The Business Network to ask suppliers to validate and update their master data on demand. Master Data Exchange ensures that the approved supplier data is then stored in your back-end ERP system.

Master Data Exchange For Suppliers

Master Data Exchange ensures that buyers are always working with your latest approved information, reducing potentially costly ordering errors or payment delays.  Simply update your profile and catalog information using The Business Network’s management tools, and Master Data Exchange takes care of updating the buyer’s ERP.

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