Invoice Management

Invoice Smarter, Pay Smarter With The Business Network

The Business Network simplifies and improves the invoice management process for buyers and suppliers alike.

Invoice management with The Business Network includes:

  • 100% electronic invoice presentment for maximum accuracy and efficiency. Suppliers present e-invoices over The Business Network through their online account, by uploading multiple invoice spreadsheets, or via a direct connection to their accounts receivable system.  Invoice presentment rules and tolerances maximize accuracy and minimize blocked invoices.
  • Invoice legal compliance, providing automatic compliance with invoicing requirements in over 38 countries.
  • Match and approve, a cloud invoice matching and approval solution, which streamlines the invoice approval process based on rules, validations and workflows.  Your business rules make sure nothing gets invoiced that hasn’t been delivered, and you can set tolerances and conditional rules to only allow invoices through that meet your specific criteria.
  • Invoice and payment status, a cloud service that puts 100% of a buyer’s invoice and payment status on The Business Network, allowing suppliers to check status any time, and allowing buyers to minimize their A/P call center workload.

Invoice management with The Business Network means fewer errors and less manual work for both buyers and suppliers. Validation and conditional rules at the time of invoice presentment eliminate invoice errors at the source. With Match & Approve, buyers and suppliers are notified automatically when invoices require review or adjustment. The Business Network then facilitates easy collaboration on a resolution, with total visibility into the process by all parties.

For buyers, better invoice management allows you to take greater advantage of early payment discounts, while suppliers will enjoy the benefit of improved cash flow from faster payments.

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