Implementation Services

Providing a Timely and Successful Transition to Our Solutions

With so many factors involved in a technology solution, we know that a single approach to implementation would rarely meet all of an organization’s unique needs.

With that in mind, Hubwoo offers several implementation options to let you strike a balance between various constraints, including the timeline and the level of customization. Whichever approach you take, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a best-practice approach and a proven implementation methodology.

Our implementation services support our entire range of solutions, from The Business Network, to Catalog & Search, to eSourcing and eProcurement to Invoice Management.

Hubwoo offers two streams of implementation services. With most of our solutions, you can choose between a basic “activation” option and one of several “implementation packages” that offer increased levels of support and customization.

Activation Services offer a lower cost option with a fixed project scope and more self-service elements to the implementation. Activation Services feature:

  • A standard, best-practice solution design developed by Hubwoo
  • Fixed scope, fixed price and fixed timeline

Implementation Packages are designed for organizations with greater needs in terms of project scope, solution design and expert assistance. Hubwoo offers three implementation packages, all of which are backed by our world-class ASSURE implementation methodology to ensure project optimization and user adoption:

  • Quick Start: This is our fastest implementation package, suitable for organizations requiring standard solution features and limited ERP integration.
  • Enterprise: This package is designed for organizations requiring comprehensive integration with their ERP, along with standard solution features.
  • Custom: For organizations requiring advanced features or having other unique needs, Hubwoo will customize an implementation package to suit your needs, timelines and budget.

Learn more about Hubwoo’s implementation and professional services: