Easy Buy



In years of collaboration with our clients in the procurement world, we’ve found a few common themes among our SAP MM, SAP SRM and PeopleSoft clients. From an end user’s perspective, there is a desire to be able to find and order goods and services more easily.

Common Challenges:

  • Poor user adoption on SAP ECC MM, SRM and PeopleSoft
  • Limited catalog options
  • Wary of additional hardware and database costs of 3rd party eProcurement tools
  • Concerns about managing master data across disparate systems
  • Lack of mobile and cross-browser support

Hubwoo’s Easy Buy solution is a user interface that sits on top of your SAP ECC, SAP SRM or PeopleSoft installation, which provides an intuitive user experience to generate orders, track them and approve goods and services. It is fully integrated with your SAP MM, SAP SRM or PeopleSoft, leveraging the underlying data structure, user proles and workows.

Since Easy Buy works real time with your SAP or PeopleSoft data, using Easy Buy is not an either-or decision. Users can still access their SAP or PeopleSoft system directly, to handle more complex processes, if required.


Compare the benefits of Easy Buy directly to SAP SRM and MM


Why Hubwoo Easy Buy?

  • You can add user friendly purchasing capabilities to your SRM environment
  • Increase user adoption via an easy to use UI that leverages your existing investment
  • No additional hardware or database requirements
  • No need to build workow rules in an additional system
  • Catalog ready
  • Cross browser and mobile ready
  • Implementation period of 2-4 weeks