Catalog & Search

Collaborative Catalog Management and Easier Buying

The Business Network includes a suite of Catalog & Search solutions that allow buyers to find goods and services in centralized, pre-approved supplier catalogs and place orders as easily as they would for online consumer purchases.

Our Catalog & Search suite includes the following cloud applications:

  • The Catalog Search Engine aggregates supplier catalogs, internal services, stock levels, contract information, and supplier-hosted catalogs. With this powerful search engine, buyers enjoy a “one-stop shopping” experience, searching by keyword, category and other criteria for goods and services located in pre-approved supplier catalogs. Search results are displayed in a user-friendly format that mirrors the simplicity and ease of online shopping for consumer purchases.
  • Catalog Manager is a collaborative online solution that allows buyers and suppliers to manage the process of publishing and approving catalog and content data. Catalog Manager for Suppliers includes a content and catalog authoring tool that allows suppliers to upload new catalogs, make updates to existing catalogs and manage content templates. In collaboration with buyers, suppliers can manage the catalog approval and update process. Catalog Manager for Buyers acts as a staging area where category managers can easily find, review and approve proposed catalog content from suppliers before publishing.
  • Catalog Premium. In conjunction with Hubwoo’s automated quality scoring feature for catalogs, catalog premium helps buyers enhance and augment catalog data based on pre-set rules and data maps.

Along with The Business Network and Supplier On-Boarding, Catalog & Search is another one of the ways that Hubwoo helps buyers bring more spend under management.  Catalog & Search delivers:

  • Improved user adoption of eProcurement initiatives
  • Increased contract-compliant purchases
  • Greater realization of negotiated savings
  • Centralization of all approved goods and services catalogs

For suppliers, Catalog & Search presents your goods and services to requisitioners in a rich and easy to use format, and vastly simplifies the process of authoring and publishing approved catalog data. This means more sales with existing customers, fewer issues with orders and fewer blocked invoices.



Hubwoo’s Catalog & Search Solution Honored in the 5th Annual Golden Bridge Awards.  Read the Press Release



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