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The Business Network is Hubwoo’s open collaborative business platform, a digital B2B marketplace with over one million active businesses. It leverages three of the most pervasive technology drivers of the 21st century – community, search, and ratings – on top of a leading platform of enterprise-class B2B commerce.

The Business Network provides a smarter way for buyers and sellers to search, connect, and collaborate in an electronic ecosystem. We believe in openness and value for all parties involved, which means we impose no excessive taxes on your supply chain like other networks do.

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For Buyers

As a buyer, The Business Network becomes the central hub for your sourcing, procurement and accounts payable activities, bringing spend under management to new heights, driving incremental cost savings and efficiencies through:

  • Supplier discovery: search across a global pool of qualified suppliers for improved matching of buyer needs and greater negotiated savings
  • An intuitive, consumer-like catalog management and search solution, dramatically increasing user adoption, compliance and on-contract spend for both goods and services
  • Master Data Exchange, which links your on-premise business systems to the cloud, increasing information accuracy and reducing your data administration efforts
  • 100% electronic invoice management, and supplier self-service for invoice & payment status, freeing your accounts payable teams for strategic tasks
  • Hubwoo does not impose excessive taxes on your suppliers as other networks do, eliminating knock on effects such as increased catalog prices and supplier enablement difficulties

For Sellers

As a seller, it is free to join The Business Network and set up a listing for your business, putting your products and services in front of qualified buyers with hundreds of billions in spend:

  • The Business Network provides global visibility in specific product categories and the chance to promote your business to highly targeted companies via our Value Added Packages For Sellers
  • Rich catalog management tools allow you to present accurate and up-to-date information for both goods and services, making for easy, electronic order taking
  • Present all your invoices electronically, giving you 100% visibility, on-demand invoice & payment status, and a massive reduction in blocked invoices, helping you get paid faster

By improving collaboration between buyers and suppliers, The Business Network eliminates hurdles to productive business commerce:

To maximize your benefit from The Business Network, Hubwoo provides a range of professional services, including guaranteed supplier on-boarding, buyer and supplier support, sourcing services and consulting.

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