The Business Network







The Business Network by Hubwoo connects companies, providing comprehensive spend management and business process collaboration for both goods AND services.


Source-to-Pay Automation through The Business Network by Hubwoo

The Business Network by Hubwoo sits at the center of source-to-pay process automation, as it ties together interaction, collaboration and transaction between all of your existing front and back-end systems. This means you have one central platform for increased visibility, compliance and savings.


Integration with systems such as the following:

Microsoft Dynamics AX
JD Edwards 
and Many Others



The Business Network by the Numbers:

  • Many-to-many platform of over one million businesses
  • 150+ large enterprise buying customers
  • 130 million+ catalog items
  • 300,000 daily users connected online
  • Buyers located in over 70 countries

As one of the world’s largest supplier networks, The Business Network by Hubwoo integrates with, and acts as an extension of, any and all of your ERP, procurement and accounts payable applications, on-premise and in the cloud.

Hubwoo’s ERP integration supports multiple standards including xCBL, PIDX, CIDX, EDI ANSI X.12, EDI UN/EDIFACT, cXML and others.

What you get with The Business Network by Hubwoo:

  • Supplier discovery: search across a global pool of qualified suppliers for improved matching of buyer needs and greater negotiated savings
  • An intuitive one-stop catalog management and search solution, dramatically increasing user adoption, compliance and on-contract spend for both goods and services
  • Master Data Exchange, synchronizes and manages all master procurement data across all your systems and with all suppliers, increasing information accuracy and reducing your data administration efforts
  • 100% electronic invoice management, and supplier self-service for invoice & payment status, freeing your accounts payable teams for strategic tasks


Why The Business Network by Hubwoo?







  • Increase spend under management and contract-compliant purchasing
  • Bring all your suppliers on-board through Hubwoo’s supplier enablement automation
  • Enable electronic transactions across the entire source-to-pay transaction lifecycle
  • Discover qualified suppliers that meet your specific criteria
  • Facilitate buying with a catalog management and search experience that is intuitive
  • Easily match and approve supplier invoices in a collaborative electronic invoicing environment