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Collaborating With Buying Customers



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Hubwoo helps you sell smarter, allowing you to accept and manage orders electronically from qualified buying companies on The Business Network.

We are all familiar with the adage that it is easier / cheaper to sell to current customers than to new ones.

But how do you make doing that easier and cheaper?  By joining Hubwoo’s Business Network.  Our open social business platform allows an expanding number of potential B2B companies to place orders with you from pre-approved catalogs through a simple, intuitive interface.

Selling Smarter With The Business Network Means:

  • Ingraining yourself in the buying process of your customers for repeat business
  • Receiving and managing 100% electronic orders
  • Presenting rich, visual catalog data to help “sell” potential buyers on your full suite of products and services
  • Easier management of your company profile information; update once for all buyers on the network
  • Global support and training to make your network selling presence a success

The secret of selling smarter is making it easier for customers to buy.  And the Business Network helps you with that by making procurement as simple and familiar as ordering from

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