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Hubwoo helps you pay smarter by moving supplier invoices online and making it easier to manage, check, and approve invoices and stay compliant with global legal requirements.

At the best of times, supplier invoice management can place a huge strain on your A/P resources, from seeking approvals to providing status updates. Things become especially inefficient when invoices regularly fail to match purchase orders or comply with the invoicing requirements of a specific country.

Hubwoo’s Business Network and invoice management solutions drastically reduce inefficiencies and errors in the payment process. With Hubwoo, paying smarter means:

  • 100% electronic invoice presentment, allowing for increased automation and better collaboration with suppliers
  • Pre-matching of supplier invoices, ensuring that they meet your business rules even before they arrive at your organization
  • Automatic, configurable alerts for mismatches between what was ordered and what was delivered, for goods and services alike, even when multiple invoices are involved
  • Approvals, dispute resolution and status updates are all online and automated, saving on manual follow-ups
  • Templates to ensure that invoices automatically meet over 38 country-specific standards

Paying smarter is not only more efficient, it’s better for your bottom line, helping you fully automate your accounts payable process and optimize your accounts payable staff. From senior management, to your A/P team, to your suppliers, everyone involved wins when you pay smarter.

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