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Meet Hubwoo.  A place for business.  A place for partners

What does it mean to be a Hubwoo  Business Ready Partner  ?

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Hubwoo is the world’s busiest collaborative business network community, connecting companies for more productive multi-enterprise cloud commerce.  The Business Network today connects over one million active businesses around the globe.  With Hubwoo, members source, buy, pay, market, sell and invoice smarter..Hubwoo makes it easier for companies to search, connect and collaborate. New! The Business Network for Microsoft Dynamics, a Hubwoo community, means your Microsoft Dynamics customers realize all of this and more and integrate seamlessly into the existing network. Learn More
  • Bring cloud thought leadership to your clients to ensure they are using the best, proven cloud commerce solutions

  • More revenue opportunities through expanded cloud offerings and competitive pricing

  • More marketing and sales support to grow your business

  • Hubwoo works with all of today’s procurement, financial and CRM solutions, integrating easily into your client’s existing systems

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  • Connect immediately to over 1,000,000 businesses with over 300,000 active users per day in an open, collaborative business commerce community
  • Enable electronic collaboration across the Source to Pay transaction lifecycle
  • Drive on-contract requisitioning with intuitive catalog & search experience
  • 100% electronic invoice presentment for increased automation and efficiency savings
  • Market smarter to businesses around the world reaching more businesses where they are transacting
  • Over 1,000,000 members to date
  • Over 300,000 users per day
  • Tens of billions of dollars of transactions per year
  • Zero supplier taxes or tolls
  • 100% supplier enablement
  • Buyers in over 70 countries
  • Fourteen languages supported
  • Support around the clock for buyers and sellers

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