Market Smarter

Finding and Connecting With Buyers


A recent study by Aberdeen Group predicts that by 2013 40% of suppliers will be identified through business network platforms.

With online channels multiplying, and buyers becoming more discerning, it is getting much harder for B2B marketers to connect with buyers. Instead of hunting down buyers to bring them to you, why not simply go to them?

And where are they? On Hubwoo’s Business Network. Over 1 million of them, all electronically enabled on an open, collaborative business platform for ease of discovery, connection, and transaction.

By leveraging The Business Network, suppliers can benefit from end to end commerce interaction which includes listing their business, intelligent banner advertising, to responding to tenders all the way through to presenting rich catalogs, electronic invoicing and real-time status updates through payment receipt.

List your company on The Business Network and instantly become visible to over one million businesses:


Marketing through The Business Network is the essential first step to unlocking the benefits and opportunities of having a world of qualified buyers, who are engaging in commerce, accessible through a simple point and click.

Learn more about Value Added Packages for Sellers, download the PDF brief:

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