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Hubwoo helps you invoice smarter by connecting to buyers on The Business Network, which enables electronic, compliant invoicing for fewer blocked invoices, faster payments and improved visibility into the payment process.

If the best customers are the ones who spend the most, then a close second are the ones who pay the fastest. All businesses focus on the former, but why don’t we spend more time targeting the latter?

When you join Hubwoo’s Business Network that’s exactly what you’re doing. The Business Network allows you to connect to a growing number of businesses throughout the world, supported by a collaborative and automated electronic invoicing environment.

When You Join The Business Network, Invoicing Smarter Means:

  • 100% electronic presentment for faster processing and fewer errors
  • Invoice pre-matching, to tell you whether your invoice falls within pre-set ranges before you even send it
  • Automated matching and approval on the payer side, speeding up payments and reducing days sales outstanding
  • Rapid, automated approvals even for the invoicing of services
  • Templates to ensure that your invoices automatically meet over 38 country-specific standards
  • Real-time status updates available on demand through the network, even for invoices delivered offline

With Hubwoo’s Business Network, you’ll get paid faster, see fewer invoicing errors and gain greater visibility into the payment process.  On top of that, listing your company in The Business Network is completely free of charge.

Now that’s smarter invoicing.

Learn more about invoicing smarter by joining The Business Network: