Procurecon Indirect East

February 11-13th, 2013
Charlotte, NC
Hilton Charlotte University Place

Join Hubwoo for our presentation on February 13th at 9:45am

Day Three Complex Services Spend & Category Management:

9:45 Intelligent Commerce – Going Beyond Transactional to Collaborative

Rinus Strydom , Chief Marketing Officer, Hubwoo

Today, more than ever before, there is pressure on CPOs and CFOs to take a more progressive, strategic approach to purchasing. Over the past 2 years in particular, there has been a shift in focus from sourcing more, to prioritizing collaboration with business partners as well as suppliers. In this session we will focus on the importance of the end-to-end collaborative advances that today’s Business Networks are making, enabling intelligent commerce through community, search, and ratings, taking advantage of real-time information and consumer-like usability.Recent research has shown that procurement departments are using business networks more frequently and achieving greater results from their usage – 75% of businesses have already seen some level of impact on their organization through Business Networks.Join us to hear how Business Networks are helping procurement and payables professionals.

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