BME Symposium 2012

November 7-9, 2012

BME Purchasing and Logistics Symposium

The annual Purchasing and Logistics Symposium is the central event organized by the BME and brings together decsion makers from all industries including suppliers, service providers, and cooperation partners. It is unquestionably the most important large-scale purchasing and logistics event in Europe. Approximately 2,000 participants, well over 100 speakers, and more than 120 exhibitors make it the leading event for purchasing and logistics in Europe.

The Symposium consists of a multitude of practical experience reports and discussion panels focusing on the top issues of the year, from the development of a sustainable procurement strategy to the use of tools for the preventive risk management and right through to the creation of more flexible and efficient supply chain structures. Purchasing managers from well-known international companies have the opportunity to meet ‘hidden champions’ and providers of innovative tools and services. They work together to transform their visions into defined projects with which they can sustainably optimize the entire procurement process in their own companies.

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