Is the Cloud More Secure than On-Premise?

October 22, 2012

Yes, cloud-based applications are less likely to be attacked than on-premise environments, says a new study released by Alert Logic, a security vendor.  The study covers 70,000 security breaches for a 12-month period across 1,600 companies.  Forbes magazine analyzes this study which some may find shocking.  The average number of web application attacks is more than double among on-premise customers as compared to cloud customers.  The reality is that IT and security is NOT the core competency of most organizations, even Global 1000 firms.  Cloud service providers on the other hand must focus on security, reliability, availability, and scaleability every minute of every day.  These “abilities” are the bread and butter of cloud businesses like Hubwoo.

So is the Cloud more secure than on-premise for source-to-pay and order-to-cash applications?  Is the world ready to put its commerce online?  In a word, yes.

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