Spend Matters Analyzes the Next Generation Business Network

November 21, 2012

Last week, Hubwoo announced the release of the next generation business network.  This release marks six multi-enterprise business processes in the cloud – sourcing, buying, paying, marketing, selling, and invoicing.

Per Spend Matters, “The Business Network is a major new release that brings new capability and vision to Hubwoo’s business-to-business network — and for P2P networks in general, for that matter. Perhaps most important of all, the announced release represents the first major product launch that Hubwoo has made to differentiate itself from the SAP ecosystem post-Ariba, positioning its new capabilities to serve the broader P2P and supplier network marketplace including (but not limited to) enhancing SAP MM & SRM initiatives. Prior to the launch, Spend Matters got to talk to Hubwoo all about it…”

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