Ardent Partners – Technology Adoption Report – Business Networks

September 23, 2014

The demands of today’s marketplace require that businesses continue to advance and improve by promoting better communication and collaboration among stakeholders and by layering greater intelligence into their core processes. Business networks, which sit at the intersection of many procurement and financial processes, promote collaboration between the two groups by helping to automate common business processes, like P2P, and enable next-generation business practices, like supplier collaboration. Business networks have risen as a powerful means for business to connect with core partners, foster business relationships, automate key procurement and financial activities, and provide key stakeholders with the necessary visibility to help forecast and plan for the future. For some, these networks now serve as the primary point of convergence between different procurement, finance, and supply chain related initiatives.

Ardent Partners’ Technology Adoption Report on Business Networks presents current adoption figures for this solution and future projections based upon a series of primary market research efforts conducted over the past 18 months and the insight and experience of the report authors who have tracked the evolution of business networks since their inception.

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