WEBINAR – How Vattenfall Elevated their Spend Compliance with Catalogs

May 20, 2014

Moving Beyond Usability to Guided Buying

VattenfallAdopting user-friendly technology breaks barriers for procurement organizations but more can be done to elevate procurement practice success and deliver compliance. Organizations need to look beyond usability, incorporating a guided buying strategy for more controlled freedom in the purchasing process, resulting in a significant increase in procurement efficiency.

View this webinar and download the presentation and hear leading energy company, Vattenfall’s use case, and learn more about how guided buying can positively affect procurement organizations.

The On Demand Webinar covers:

  • A guided buying overview, including consumer-like tools that draw from informed decision-making elements
  • Vattenfall’s case study on catalog usage for a guided buying experience
  • How Vattenfall can easily find goods and services from preferred suppliers, get supplier recommendations, and peer feedback.

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