Paystream – Supplier Network Management Report

December 3, 2014

Managing Suppliers in an Integrated Economy

The landscape of B2B networks has changed dramatically as workflows, data sharing, and shared processes have evolved from electronic data interchange (EDI) in the 1960s, to the emergence of value-added networks (VANs) in the 1990s, to the dawn of B2B marketplaces in the 2000s. Beginning in 2010, B2B supply chain business networks expanded to include interface reusability, canonical data models, multi-party applications, industry-specific multi-tier analytics, and community onboarding services. In these new B2B networks, supply chain visibility progressed from transactional to process-flow visibility, and the advent of cloud-based networks enabled greater speed and functionality.

Today’s B2B supply chain business network solutions continue to mature, bringing new capabilities and functionality including forecasting analytics and cash management. They also centralize trading partner communication and data in every transaction.

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