The SAP SRM On Demand Experience

June 3, 2009

Read the spend matters article on Hubwoo’s SRM On-Demand client, Graham Packaging.

The SAP SRM On-Demand Experience for Graham Packaging 

“Graham Packaging’s positive experience with SAP SRM On-Demand suggests that a linear progression from On-Demand to an installed environment is not the only way companies move through an eProcurement maturity curve. It confirms the benefits of the On-Demand business model to rapidly drive supplier enablement and the ability to bring large amounts of spend under management relatively quickly.”

Hubwoo’s delivery of SAP SRM On-Demand provided Graham Packaging with immediate benefits that include: quick implementation, ongoing support and enhancements and increased visibility to drive savings through “vendor consolidation, standardization and sourcing.”

Jason Busch, spend matters (June 3, 2009)

Read the full article:–the-SAP-SRM-On-Demand-Experience

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