SAP and Hubwoo Virtual Event featuring CONSOL Energy

July 13, 2010

An On-Premise or Cloud Procurement Suite? It Doesn’t Have to be an Either/Or Decision.

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A Hybrid approach to your SAP® source-to-pay implementation

Now that you recognize the importance of procurement savings, how do you decide whether implement an SAP procurement suite on-premise or to subscribe to a cloud model?  Perhaps you already have significant on-premise investments and projects underway.

The good news – it doesn’t have to be an “either/or” situation when deciding whether or not to deploy an on-premise or cloud procurement solution. Each organization has their unique needs and circumstances.  Learn how a combined approach can have significant benefits, including immediate cost savings opportunities, while following a holistic SAP technology strategy.

Join SAP and Hubwoo, and our featured client, CONSOL Energy in this one-hour event as we discuss procurement deployment options.  This virtual event will cover:

– A review of on-premise and cloud deployment options and key factors to consider in your decision making.

– The cloud model and the services value that support the solutions, for accelerated ROI.

– A real life client case study with CONSOL Energy – a Fortune 500 company – and their hybrid approach.

– CONSOL’s success in delivering a targeted cost savings of $25M in the first 2.5 years of implementation with SAP SRM on-premise and a supplier network and content management via the cloud.


Jeanna E. Cooper, D.Sc.
Manager E-Services, Materials & Supply Chain Mangement

Rinus Strydom
Chief Marketing Officer

Jean-Christophe Carrere
BPO Territory Sales Manager

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