Microsoft Partnership Announcement

March 19, 2013

We’re proud to announce today a partnership aimed at providing spend compliance and AP automation solutions to the more than 250,000 Microsoft Dynamics customers. The Business Network for Microsoft Dynamics® is a go-to-market package with certified integration to Dynamics and reinforces Hubwoo’s on-going strategy is to grow the world’s largest open B2B collaborative commerce network. Microsoft is now a strategic go-to-market partner that will help extend the value of The Business Network to hundreds of thousands of companies through integration with procurement, finance, and sales & marketing systems. Through The Business Network, Hubwoo makes it easier for Microsoft’s customers to search, connect and collaborate. The Business Network drives value for organizations by connecting them to over one million businesses around the globe.

At Hubwoo we believe in openness and value for all participants, committing that our business network is as equally focused on adding value to the sales and marketing side of businesses as we are to procurement and accounts payable; and our solution is open to integrate with all P2P and sales & marketing systems. Size matters to network value and therefore by extending integration to this community of over 250K ERP customers, the Microsoft partner ecosystem will catapult the critical mass of members and their transactions to scale the network effect benefits and help grow The Business Network by Hubwoo to even more commerce, more community, and more value.

Gregory A. Mark
CEO, Hubwoo





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