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Benefits of a Business Network – Infographic

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Spend Matters – Network Fees and Innovation: Are You Considering Supplier Opinions?

The Spend Matters team has observed that in technology and supplier connectivity/network selection, the majority of procurement and A/P organizations lack empathy (and total cost…

Psst! Have you heard of business networks? Worldwide B2B conduits are growing in popularity

The Institute of Financial Operations
By Diane Sears
JUNE 27, 2013
It’s hard to imagine what life was like without social networks. Even if you…

Procurement Leaders – Insight Series – Business Networks

Business Networks: Tightly Knitted
Modern business networks help to improve compliance, with a resulting benefit on the adherence to contract price and, therefore, costs. But…

Ardent Partners – Hubwoo Solution Spotlight

A business network is a web-based platform that enables interconnected buyers and sellers to trade, communicate and collaborate with each other.
To learn more about…

CPO Briefing on Supplier Networks – A Different Approach for “Breakthrough” Gains in Spend Under Management

For CPOs and procurement professionals who want to expand their understanding of supplier net- works, this short briefing will give you an overview of how…