The Business Network as an Integration Hub

August 29, 2012

Congratulations to Hubwoo customer Ecopetrol, the largest corporation in Colombia, for ingraining an eSourcing process into their business culture through integration of their on-premise ERP with Hubwoo’s eSourcing and contract lifecycle management (CLM) in the cloud.  Ecopetrol have increased their sourcing and contracts volume over 500% to 1500+ sourcing events and contracts created per month, and have rolled out to 700 internal users and over 6000 suppliers.  Requisitions from ERP trigger the creation of cloud-based sourcing events.  Awarded sourcing events convert automatically into contracts.  Cloud-based CLM synchronizes contracts back to ERP without manual intervention, allowing on-contract procurement.

Read more about The Business Network as an integration hub between on-premise and the cloud here.

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