My Lists feature released for The Business Network

August 2, 2013

We just added a nice little feature to make supplier/buyer/partner discovery work a bit easier. In the past, if you found companies you wanted to do business with you might save them to a spreadsheet. Maybe you emailed the spreadsheet to a coworker or two.

Now with My Lists you can save, organize and share companies all within The Business Network. Here is a quick overview.

Companies can be added from the business directory search results screen or from the company profile page.

























You can add the company to an existing list or create a new list. You can also add a note about the supplier.









Lists can be created in the same step of adding a company, or a list can be created from the My Lists view. When creating or editing a list you have the option of describing the list.

You also set how the list is shared. By default, lists are shared with other Business Network users in your company.



















You can see all lists you have access to from the My Lists view. Here you can sort the lists as needed. This is also the screen where you can adjust privacy settings, delete lists and update notes and descriptions.



We have made the My Lists functionality very flexible to allow you to decide how to use it. You can create a favorites list, a “telecom suppliers in North Carolina” list, “potential go to market partner” list or whatever you and your company need!

Give the lists functionality (you must be logged in) a try today. Let us know at @hubwoo what types of lists you are using and how we can make it even easier to connect with companies on The Business Network.

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Happy Connecting!

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